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Falling in Love with My Boss 2 & 3

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Book 2 Description

Holly looked at me as I walked in.  “It is a shame you didn’t get here earlier!  The new boss has been looking for you all morning.”

“New boss?  Holly we aren’t going to go through this again, are we?”

Holly pointed to the nameplate that no longer was on the door.  Adam’s belongings and the name had been removed.

Adam had never told me that he was leaving, and the rumors that surrounded the firm were indeed true.  A part of me was still wondering if this was a joke.

I knocked on the door, but the person who was sitting in the high-backed executive chair continued to stare out the window without realizing I was even there.

“Sir, first of I am sorry I am late.  Usually, I am never late.  I didn’t mean to give you a bad first impression. I just was told you had been looking for me.”

The tall chair spun around, revealing who my new boss was.  The familiar dark, feathered hair with the dark eyes stared back at me.

Book 3 Description

Shion and I stole a kiss when Kinsley wasn’t looking.  The vacation to Japan was beyond amazing, and yet I was already missing being over there.  Life was simpler and less chaotic.  I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out that I was dating my boss.  We lived together in the same house and now we had to go on with our different houses and pretend we weren’t dating.

“I am going to miss this!  We didn’t have to worry about anything or what we did or sneak kisses when no one was looking.” I whispered. 

We had already explained to Kinsley that Shion and I were dating.  She was calling him ‘Dad’ the whole vacation, even though we tried to explain Shion would never take William’s spot as she was hoping.  Shion and Kinsley had been bonding, and it seemed like a dream come true.  He had even promised to go to her dance recital, which was coming up.  I doubted William would make it.

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