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LA Lights Series Box Set Volume 1: Books 1-3: LA Lights

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"A huge dollop of comedy served up with fun and inspirational reading." (Readers' Favorite) 

Twenty-one-year-old Tessa Taylor is a regular college girl with a dream: to be an actress. When she gets the chance of a lifetime to go to Los Angeles to pursue her ambitions, her challenges begin. This series combines action, adventure and romance, served up with fabulous friends, hot heroes, and delightful dogs.The Audition (Book 1)Will her talent take her all the way to Hollywood?Even though she's studying acting, Tessa can't get any traction in her bid to get a job in LA, where all the auditions are. Until the week when things unexpectedly begin to change. Some news in her acting class leads to an exciting opportunity, but chance meetings might compromise her luck.Does she have what it takes to shine in an audition? Read this prequel novelette and find out. 

Taking the Lead: Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (Book 2)Acting Ambitions. Hollywood Heartbreak. Doggy Deliverance.What would you do if you were an aspiring actress offered a part in a TV series in Los Angeles...but had to give up everything else important to you to achieve that dream?Tessa's decision to become an actress in LA comes at a price. When her dreams crumble, she struggles. Her heart bruised, she compromises to make ends meet and tries one disastrous job after another. When a fortunate coincidence leads her to a job she never thought she'd do--dog walking--her adventures begin, and a new life, and love, unfold.Acting Up: More Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (Book 3)

Hollywood Hilarity.  Danger and Deception.  Fast-Paced Fun.Tessa has so much going for her: a loving relationship with Ryan, a burgeoning acting career, a profitable dog-walking business, and a fantastic group of friends. So why isn't she happy? For starters, she's been flopping at auditions, and Ryan isn't as supportive of her acting career as she'd like him to be. When Tessa meets sexy, wild-boy rocker Ash Adams, she can't stop thinking about him, but is he the man she really needs? Meanwhile, her dog-walking business leads her to danger. She ends up playing a key part in breaking up a ruthless dognapping ring, culminating in a late-night mission to an abandoned asylum and a dramatic shootout in the LA River.With all these problems, can Tessa overcome the odds and find the happiness she yearns for? One thing's for sure: the constants in her life are fabulous friends and delightful dogs and the sidesplitting--and sometimes perilous--adventures they share.

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