Confidence: Self-help, #1

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Confidence: Self-help, #1

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ConfidenceA 21-Day Challenge to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs, Achieve Your Goals and Become Confident In Any Situation

There is nothing new about self-help books for building confidence; there is an abundance of them. Most of these resources approach building confidence from the level of our everyday conscious experience. It is for this reason that this book was written, to offer a new perspective on how to improve confidence. 

While most self-help resources focus on changing some aspect of us, this book encourages the reader to accept themselves and expand self-awareness. As self-awareness and acceptance is heighten, so is self-confidence. The message is profoundly simple: The only thing that we need to do in order to become happy is to allow ourselves to be who we naturally are, for this, little effort is required. 

Main chapters of this guidebook are:

~ Lifting the veil of illusion.

~Where are you setting your anchor?

~Finding the changeless within the changing.

~What the ancients knew and we forgot.

~ Brining awareness to the world within us.

~What Now?

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