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The Chainhauler: Book One

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AN Navastian is what you call in the US Navy a Sh*tbag. An Unsat Sailor. Who either needs to get his sh*t together. That, or the Navy could eventually have his sh*t sent packing. Now, aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Jimmy Carter, life can be a long and arduous one, where it can become very easy for anyone to fall into melancholy or malice. All AN Navastian needs to do now is survive, and all while dealing with a rowdy crew of Plane Captains, like himself, and an overbearing superior, that are just about going to make the experience a living hell for him. And if that isn't enough, then there's the fact that AN Navastian's job is also an extremely dangerous one, working on a flight deck, where the simplest mistake made could be a death sentence. Overall, it’s going to be a harrowing journey for him, on board, as his ship sets sail to the Persian Gulf. All while dealing with conditions and circumstances that just might put an end to AN Navastian’s Navy career before it’s had much of a chance to really begin.

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