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Ten Cynical Essays : (Popular Worldview) Part Two

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This is philosophical book, but it is popular and without special terms so that is accessible for all. To a certain extent the cynicism is worldview that does not preach moral and does not idealize the things, but, still, gives serious look about the world. In my view it must be interesting for all young people (and for the older, too), but nevertheless it is not entertainment reading. |
The cynicism of the author consists chiefly in this, to pronounce various, even shocking, statements, not making any efforts for applying of anti-shock therapy, when these statement are true in many life situations, because of primary value for him is the truthfulness of the said, not its aesthetical, moral, ideological, and so on sides. There is, however, one important moment with the cynicism: it may be shocking, but it is /interesting/, and also the forbidden fruit is almost always sweeter. So that, maybe, these cynical essays would appeal to some of the readers?

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