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I Place My Hand Upon the Sky

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Each of these poems is a little bridge— a link from here to here— from the here that isn't, quite, to the here that truly is. We spend our lives adjacent to grace, not always realizing it, and sometimes a little stepping stool is useful to provide a boost, so we can peek over the wall that's keeping us from seeing what's really happening. Sustaining this view means greeting life on new terms, embracing a shift in perspective, and that's what these pieces hope to spark. . Hafiz is the ringleader in this collection—the playful voice of my own heart. There's a whole crew of friends in here. We scamper across dew-flecked lawns at dawn, assault the meaning of existence, dare the stars to wink at us, and drive off the edge of the road in a flying convertible. We're just having fun as we receive, little by little, the joyful inklings of eternity's promise.

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