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The Enduring Power of Christianity: A Testament to the New Testament

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Newly revised for 2019.
Since Jesus Christ has chosen not to over-come conflicts during his time on earth. Then the following question must be asked;

“Is it realistic to think that we can over-come conflict during our time?”
No it is not. But still, there is such a thing as the desire for order and retribution, as we have seen (over the past 2000+ years). This is a Testament to the New Testament. As such, we understand that there is the undeniable power of Christianity, even with all its associated conflicts (both internal and external).

Listed below are some of areas of Christianity will be explored;
1. The origin of all conflicts
2. Theology, is it discovered or invented
3. Building Relationships
4. Christ and secular governments
5. Christ and the Jewish Religion Leaders
6. Christ and Satan, Spiritual warfare
7. Christ and his disciples
8. The life and death of Christ.

This exciting book explores how Christianity has endured for 2000+ years.

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