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Andy, an unemployed engineer and his wife Sandi, a neurosurgeon, had searched for an old farmhouse ‘fixer-upper’ to be their home in the North Carolina Mountains. When they found one, Andy fell in love with the rustic two-hundred year old homestead with a great view of Pilot Mountain. Staci declared it ‘a wreck’ but they decided to buy it anyway. Thus began their adventure with Barkley, who lingered around the house as the ghost of a deceased Vietnam War hero. Circumstances lead to Andy’s growing relationship with Barkley, and he is captivated by Barkley’s extraordinary knowledge and explanations of the workings of the universe, passage of time, alternate spatial dimensions and life in the after-world. With no explanation, Barkley urges Andy to find a special box, complete with family secrets, hidden in the old house.

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