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COLLAGE: A Collection of Poems About Life and Love (2nd Edition)

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The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines a collage as “an assembly of diverse fragments”. Therefore, Evangelist Theresa Denise Pettaway (Evangelist Tee) has aptly entitled this collection of poems, Collage, because it is truly an ensemble of varying poetry styles and topics. This collection is a sampling of her life’s experiences expressed through the written word. Most of these poems were not written with any particular person in mind. However, if you find a poem that you really like, you can borrow it as your own. Again, her sincere hope and prayer is that these poems may minister to your heart, spirit, and soul.

This second edition contains additional poems by Evangelist Tee, as well as a few guest poems by other writers/poets. ENJOY!

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