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Beautiful Wall

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Ray Gonzalez's new collection has strong regional ties to the American Southwest and Midwest, including such places as Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and California.

Acclaimed poet Bruce Weigl says, "It is a pleasure to have [Gonzalez] lead us from the Rio Grande to Montana, from Colorado to his hometown of El Paso, Texas, and all across the West in search of both the menacing and the luminous."

The collection has a strong focus on immigration and the aggressive clashing of cultures at the Southwest Border. According to the FBI, drug trafficking, human smuggling, extortion, murder, and corrupt public officials are all crimes that represent the multi-billion dollar industry of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Since 2006, the total number of illegal alien apprehensions at the Southwest Border has decreased steadily, but political, environmental, and criminal issues surrounding immigration still make national headlines.

Ray Gonzalez is an award-winning poet with a vast publication history, and is well-known for his writing on his Mexican ancestry and heritage.

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