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Birth Marks

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A Detroit native, Jim Daniels is a well-known author in Michigan
Birth Marks has strong regional ties to Detroit, MI, where Jim Daniels spent his childhood, and to Pittsburgh, PA, and Ohio where he has lived the past 32 years. Daniels says of his writings on Detroit: "The writer Richard Price said that where you’re from is like 'the zip code of your heart,' and for me, that’s true. I carry Detroit around with me in my heart no matter where I’m at—it’s my permanent address... I write in part for all those I grew up with that did not appear in any of the books I read in school. I write for and because of them to say, hey, listen up—these lives are important."
Detroit has been a hot topic in the book world lately, with publication of two controversial coffee table photo books on the ruins of Detroit, prompting heated debates about “ruins porn."
Daniels is poetry editor for LABOR: A WORKING-CLASS HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS, a scholarly journal. His poems deal with working-class people in urban landscapes.

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