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Never Leave Your Dead: A True Story of War Trauma, Murder, and Madness

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Never Leave Your Dead will be of interest to millions of Americans whose families are touched by mental illness because it represents their greatest hope—a normal life—and their greatest fear—murder.
In a Publisher’s Weekly survey of war books, Edward Nawotka wrote about the growing market. “In the long term, journalistic accounts of military action may prove less valuable to readers than books that put a human face on war and take the time to examine the emotional consequences.”
Never Leave Your Dead is a commentary and reflection about the ongoing public debate related to the timely issues of military mental illness and the impact of war on family and community.
Although many books discuss the impact of military trauma, there are few, if any, that demonstrate the history and the impact on a family over time.
A frequent speaker and presenter, Diane Cameron will include Never Leave Your Dead in presentations at conferences, such as the National Mental Health Conference, Behavioral Healthcare Conference, and the International Trauma Conference.
Donald’s story intersects with well-known and, at times, infamous, psychiatric institutions and professionals: St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Farview State Hospital, and Dr. Thomas Szasz.

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