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The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors

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Niedzviekci's previous book, "Hello, I’m Special," received much critical recognition and praise. It is now in its third printing, having sold over 10,000 copies. Publications that critically examine pop culture, fame, and digital life will be likely to review this title or publish an interview with Niedzviecki. Niedzviecki's new book will find an audience with readers seeking to understand their place in today's internet-saturated, fame-obsessed society. Niedzviecki examines cultural phenomena that, to date, have yet to be named and truly understood. There is also a personal interest story here: The Peep Diaries documents Niedzviecki’s own “life experiment,” in which he started his own video blog, sold his secrets to Craigslist, and monitored the movements of his toddler. Radio shows like This American Life or The Story may be interested in this angle.

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