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The Divine Artist: Art for God's Sake

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‘The Divine Artist’ - ‘Art for God’s Sake’

“God the Divine Artist became the art – He, Jesus, hung on the wooden frame of the cross. He would provide the inspiration for the future artists in these end-times, and to emblazon buildings and canvases, with a chiaroscuro spectrum of Renaissance thought along the way of centuries’ Stephen Bennett.

Art and artisans can change the world, that possibility is seen all around us; through film, art, music, fashion, architecture, social media, digital platforms, an endless list. Yet, creativity is not just for the artist; creativity is at the very heart and centre of Christianity.

In God’s eyes everything is art, He is an artist in every sense of the word, and all things He created are for His purposes. The heavens and the world are a canvas oiled and stretched, for us to walk on, and create in.

Art as an awakening is normal daily fare in our digital world; God’s final purposes for art are at hand in this 21st century. He has many artistic visions to give His artisans on earth. In this book you will get to know God’s character as the Divine Artist, and you can let your art be inspired for His sake”

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