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You are Always Safe with Me

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In this powerful love story that takes place on a Turkish sailing vessel, Lily, a professor at a Florida college, finds herself required to be the companion of her newly widowed mother as they take a cruise along the Turkish coastline on a small sailing ketch. Expecting to endure, though not enjoy, this trip among her mother’s friends, Lily instead finds herself falling in love with Izak, the charismatic Turkish captain of the boat, a man whose powers of kindness, strength and tenderness touch Lily in a way that awaken longings in her she had given up long ago. Lilly’s infatuation with Izak surprises her and at first she resists her feelings, knowing that it would be nearly impossible for an American college professor and a Turkish sailor to find a meeting place to join their lives. However, one day while the others are on a trip away from the boat taking a tour to see the sights, Lily finds herself alone with Izak and their passion reveals itself.

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