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Anywhere But Here

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A Code Omega in a hospital is a bad thing.

When Dr. Chad Holstrom is paged for one, he expects the worse. Chad holds out no hope his patient will survive but he works his best to give the stranger a fighting chance. When John finally opens his eyes, one stolen moment opens up a world of shaky possibilities.

Found in a ditch on the brink of death, he wakes up to an empty head. With no recollection of who he is, where he’s from, or even if he likes men or women, he must get used to the name John Doe. When John finds himself falling for the Ebony doctor with the kind brown eyes, he is terrified that if his memories come back, he will have to let Chad go.

Will John be able to find out who he truly is? And when he does, will he have to choose between the life he wants with Chad and the life he was forced from?

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