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The Merchant of Venice

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Bassanio is a man in love, but in order to marry the woman he loves he needs money. An unremitting debtor, he not only seeks to marry the fair Portia of Belmont for love, but also for the vast wealth she has inherited. But to marry the woman he loves, Bassanio needs money. Enter his cousin, Antonio, a rich merchant of Venice. With all his money tied up in his latest enterprises, Antonio has no money to give his kinsman, but he agrees to take out a loan to give Bassanio the money that he needs. The two men go to Shylock, a money lender and a man that hates Antonio with a passion. With Antonio at his mercy, Shylock sees a chance for revenge that he doesn't intend to waste.
The Merchant of Venice is often seen as one of the more controversial Shakespearian plays due to the anti-Semitic attitudes that some of the characters hold. This Shakespearian masterpiece has been adapted into modern English by international bestselling author, C.S. Woolley, retaining the play format of the text, yet making it much easier to understand and digest the play bringing a deeper understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare.
Whether you are looking for an easier way to read Shakespeare, are studying the play and are struggling with the text or simply prefer modern English, this is the perfect text for you.

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