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American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival

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The US Global Climate Change Research Program warns that human activities like burning fossil fuels are accelerating climate change
Issues such as health problems, wildfires, rising sea levels, heat waves, extreme weather events, and other climate changes are threatening human welfare now in American cities
By 2050 the declines in agricultural production and fresh water supplies, resulting in a reduction of the geographical carrying capacity of 2/3 of the United States, will displace millions of people
American Exodus examines how changes in landscape and living conditions will create a wave of American climate refugees. It will be a guide for future American migrants and for communities receiving them.
Slade suggests that sparsely populated areas north of 49 N (Canada) may benefit from climate change and will provide a “Northern Ark” -- a place that will remain habitable with plentiful fresh water and the ability to grow food
He advocates preparing for the influx of climate refugees with specific resettlement programs similar to former USSR and Finland’s northern colonization schemes or the US resettlement plans during the Great Depression
Borrowing an idea from the conservation movement, he advocates creating a “New North” where displaced humans are assisted in creating new settlements close to established communities

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