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Our Little Secret

250 pages2 hours


You’re Maddie Conover, and you were home last week, but your husband, Seth, reported you missing. The police find blood evidence of foul play, and are convinced Seth murdered you, but it all turns out to be a misunderstanding until your bank confirms you wired your life’s savings to a vulgar old man you’ve never met. You confront the old man and are shocked to learn he has videos that prove you were involved in a deeply sexual relationship with him last week. But you’re about to realize these are the least of your problems!


“As an author, I find myself asking the same question Locke’s fans always ask: where does he come up with this stuff?”

“While Our Little Secret represents a departure from most of Locke’s other novels, it is just as addictive and compelling. I finished it in one sitting!”

“In today’s literary world where so many authors trot out the same tired plot lines year after year, it’s refreshing to see John Locke continuing to craft highly original stories. Our Little Secret will keep you guessing from start to finish.”

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