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Who Killed Autumn Moon?: The Origin of the Soul Sucker

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Without any visible wounds the professionals would come to the conclusion that Autumn Moon died of a heart attack at the tender age of seventeen, but that just wasn’t true.

Deep in the forests of Hallow Heights, the soul sucker hunts for the dream meal to satisfy it’s perpetual hunger. Through it’s giant yellow eyes, this thrilling tale unveils the secrets behind how the monster finds its prey, feeds, and the origin of where it all began.

This prequel to Have You Seen My Arm? A Zombie Tale, Who Killed Autumn Moon?: The Origin of the Soul Sucker is for monster lovers, fans of origin stories, and people interested in the mind within the monster view point such as the classic book Grindal.

This book is for anybody who loves:

Monster Fiction
Paranormal Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Urban
Dark Fantasy

The Hallow Heights Chronicles is a paranormal fiction horror series of stories that detail the supernatural happenings within a fictional universe. Although each story is presented from a different character’s perspective, they are all interconnected.

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