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Off With Their Heads, (Part Five of The Wonderland Series)

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Lupita Espinoza was a forty year old, single mom who often wished of being anywhere in the world other than Corpus Christi. But when a geologist in Antarctica appears in her bathroom mirror, Lupita begins a journey that will take her to places never dreamt possible. Off With Their Heads is Part Five of the multi-part series "The Wonderland", a science fiction romance where the girl gets the guy, the aliens, and her place in the universe. In the fifth part, Lupita and Bernie are on a train headed to Venice, looking for a chance to get back to Antarctica. But spies are on to them. What will happen as they attempt to make their way back while also attempting to help their extraterrestrial companions. Lupita may discover that what she has become involved in could very well jeopardize the one thing she has always wanted ... love.

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