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Claimed by the Alpha Billionaire Trilogy

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Book 1 Description

Eliza Avery is a Vocal Performance major and cheerleader. Graham Tyler is a young genius. Through a mutual acquaintance, the two college students meet and fall in love. Their relationship, though out of the ordinary, is happy and full of love.

For a time, they are happy and carefree. They love one another and are certain that nothing can ever tear them apart. However, when educational opportunities are offered to Graham, can Eliza ever cope with the decisions that he is forced to make?

Book 2 Description

Ten years have passed and Eliza Avery is now a divorced woman struggling to care for herself and her daughter. She is offered a job in Las Vegas, and she takes it, knowing that it will help her to pay rent and keep food on the table.

What she does not know is that Graham Tyler, now a successful billionaire, is also going to be in Las Vegas for a meeting on the same weekend. After so many years apart, what will happen to these two when their worlds collide?

Book 3 Description

After being reunited with Graham Tyler in Las Vegas, Eliza Avery is overwhelmed, and returns home to her daughter. She is content to continue living her life and taking care of her daughter through hard work and determination.

It would seem, though, that this is not to be. Graham Tyler wants nothing more than to have her back in his life, and to take care of her and make her happy for the rest of their lives. Will Eliza let Graham back into her life?

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