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What to Do When a Loved One Dies: Taking Charge at a Difficult Time

Length: 192 pages2 hours


At some point in everyone’s life, everyone will be placed in the position of dealing with the death of a loved one. Arranging all the necessary details at such a difficult time can prove overwhelming. However, help is now at hand in this guide that covers all the essential aspects:
Ways to avoid probate and other estate problems while you’re still alive through gifts and trusts Pre-funeral formalities, such as when the loved one dies in another state or country Selecting a funeral parlor and working with its director and clergy with regard to the funeral service Disposition of the remains, whether burial or cremation Probating the will or marshalling the assets if the deceased died intestate Survivor benefits and other financial and tax matters Mourning and grief therapy Drawing from the counsel of funeral directors, clergy, attorneys, estate planners, and psychologists and with references to Web sites and other sources of further information, this book provides straightforward and reassuring advice that is both practical and comforting at this difficult time.

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