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Motional Blur: A Novel

Length: 116 pages1 hour


Motional Blur tells the story of a disaffected surfer, Luke Andersen, who drives for a black car service part-time. When he’s summoned for a fare involving a five-and-a-half hour ride from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas, this obligation ruins his birthday plans, even though he tries to refuse but doesn’t succeed.

When they reach Vegas, his mysterious fare, Charles Gearhart, a man in his mid-60s, tells Luke to keep going. What should have been a day drive becomes a seemingly meandering trip through the western United States, with Gearhart directing Luke through Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

Luke repeatedly tries to beg off, but can’t. The deeper he gets into this journey, the more intrigued he becomes by his passenger, who constantly imparts wisdom to help his wayward driver grow up.

Theirs is a journey in search of answers. And, in the novel’s stunning conclusion, they find them.

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