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538 Ways to Live, Work, and Play Like a Liberal

Length: 256 pages3 hours


There are hundreds of ways to lead a more environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and liberally minded lifeways that can even be enjoyable. What readers will find in this friendly inclusive book are simple steps, lifestyle adjustments, and ideas that entertain: Watching MSNBC instead of Fox News Powering a laptop with a solarpowergenerating backpack Wearing the flag with pride Progressive financial investmen Where and how to find a like-minded mate Supporting liberal businesses Embracing a political conversation with a relative rather than avoiding it Bringing independent films to the local movie theater Start a Drinking Liberally chapter and try some of the group’s signature drinks Discover how television-watching habits shape the media landscape Justin Krebs explains that being liberal, or progressive, isn’t only a political actit’s a lifestyle that’s suited to our changing America.

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