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Phuket: Pearl of the Orient

Length: 129 pages48 minutes


Renowned for its natural wealth since ancient times, the southern Thai island of Phuket has acquired a new kind of international celebrity in more recent days as a place of rest and relaxation for over a million foreign visitors a year. Situated off the western coast of the Malay Peninsula, Phuket has seductive landscapes, unique cultural experiences and a variety of natural color. Sun-drenched, white-sand beaches of uncommon beauty are strung like jewels along the coast bordering the Andaman Sea, while numerous other attractions within easy reach on offshore islands and the mainland provide alluring variety. Phuket: Pearl of the Orient celebrates the beauty of this lovely Thai island and shows readers why it continues to enchant and beguile all who visit.

Noted photographers Bill Wassman and Alberto Cassio capture this magical atmosphere in pictures, while William Warren’s text explores both Phuket’s eventful past and its present development as one of Asia’s most popular holiday destinations.

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