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Weirdest and Wackiest World Records: From the Absolutely Bizarre to the Downright Shocking

Length: 400 pages52 minutes


Who knew that one could make a claim to fame in such an unorthodox way? The Weirdest and Wackiest World Records may not list the most traditional achievements, but it sure will leave readers speechless. From astonishing eating records to man’s most absurd talents,” this book delves into the unconventional actions taken by many to make their milestone. Some of these achievements” are: 

- Hairiest ManVictor Larry” Ramos Gomez, with 98% of his body covered

- Most Tattoos on a Senior CitizenIsobel Varley, with 93% of her body covered

- Longest Distance on a Unicycle for Twenty-Four Hours Sam Wakeling, who covered 281.85 miles in 2007 

- Most Asparagus Eaten in Ten MinutesJoey Chestnut, with 9 lbs., 5.2 oz. in 2011 

- And hundreds more! 

Sure to leave you shocked, amused, and entertained, The Weirdest and Wackiest World Records is the perfect source to learn about the most bizarre feats that have ever been successfully attempted. So whether you’re fascinated by the crazy people who set these records or are looking for an insane record to break, you’ll most certainly find it here. This is a book you will have to read to believe!

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