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Taekwondo Basics: Everything You Need to Get Started in Taekwondo - from Basic Kicks to Training and Competition

Length: 304 pages2 hours


Taekwondo Basics teaches you all the fundamentals of this Korean martial art form in a clear and easy-to-understand manner!

This basic introductory survey contains the following vital information: The origins, philosophy, and history of Taekwondo How to find a teacher and a class that are right for you Getting ready for your first class—what actually happens in a Taekwondo class? The essential elements—stances, blocks, hand and arm strikes, and kicks How to complement your Taekwondo training with other conditioning exercises, such as running and biking Powerful ways to improve your technique through target training, partner training, competitive training, free-sparring, and more Resources that can help you further develop your Taekwondo practice Whether you're just getting started, or you've already been training for a year or two, Taekwondo Basics offers an easy to read, yet comprehensive, introduction to the sport.

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