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Vitamin O: Why Orgasms are Vital to a Woman's Health and Happiness, and How to Have Them Every Time!

Length: 224 pages3 hours


They’re free, fun, and with this book, easy to achieve. And just look what a woman stands to gain from her orgasmic life:

Oxytocinnature’s Ecstasyin her bloodstream
Relaxationless stress and tension
Falling asleep and staying asleep better
More supple skin (really!)
Lower risk of heart disease
Immunity boost
Reduced hunger and cravings for junk food

Far too many women aren’t enjoying the benefits of this delicious activity, and Dr. Natasha wants to change that. In Vitamin O, she explores manual techniques, oral methods, and crazy-fun sex positions that maximize a woman’s pleasure. She covers the basics in orgasmic foreplay, orgasmic positions, exercises to improve orgasms, orgasm-enhancing yoga, breathing techniques, and more. Here is the 411 on more advanced climaxingmultiples and simultaneous orgasms. And she breaks out lots of quick fixes for getting a daily dose without any fuss. By the time she’s through, having orgasms will become as natural and pleasantly habitual as drinking a morning coffee (which you’ll be drinking less and less of, as you’ll have increased energy from better sleep.)

Vitamin O’s benefits are layered and far-reaching, without any worry of toxicity or build-upbecause Vitamin O is all about release. Regular doses will benefit every reader for life.

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