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Chinese Martial Code: The Art of War of Sun Tzu, The Precepts of War by Sima Rangju, Wu Zi on the Art of War

Length: 269 pages3 hours


Chinese Martial Code provides clear, easy-to-follow translations of three of the most respected Chinese works of military strategy

It features a masterful translation of The Art of War of Sun Tzuthe most respected of all works of military strategyas well as the less famous but equally wise The Precepts of War by Sima Rangju and Wu Zi On the Art of War.

Additionally, A. L. Sadler's translation is converted here into Pinyin for the first time and the original Chinese language versions of these classic texts are also included, making this title a treasure to Chinese history and military scholars as well. The text is also copiously annotated, placing its sage advice in perspective for modern readers planning to use these time-tested strategies to conquer the business world.

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