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Practical Self-Defense

120 pages1 hour


Illustrated with over 250 photographs, Practical Self-Defense offers an in depth look at self defense techniques with tips strategies, and scenarios that can help new students to develop the skills they need.

Based on Kyokushin Karate, this martial arts guide presents basic techniques including: Throws and takedowns Punches, kicks, and strikes Ground techniques and fighting Escapes from holds and grabs Distancing and body and foot movements Practical Self-Defense also covers how to prepare yourself for an attack; how to respond to attacks in unique situations, such as in a car, on a plane, or in a restaurant; and how to defend yourself using everyday items, such as a book, a magazine, a hairbrush, or a pen. Presented in an easy-to-follow manner, this book is an authoritative and thorough introduction to self-defense training.

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