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Japanese Kanji Made Easy: (JLPT Levels N5 - N2) Learn 1,000 Kanji and Kana the Fun and Easy Way (Online Audio Download Included
Japanese Kanji Made Easy: (JLPT Levels N5 - N2) Learn 1,000 Kanji and Kana the Fun and Easy Way (Online Audio Download Included
Japanese Kanji Made Easy: (JLPT Levels N5 - N2) Learn 1,000 Kanji and Kana the Fun and Easy Way (Online Audio Download Included
Ebook1,080 pages4 hours

Japanese Kanji Made Easy: (JLPT Levels N5 - N2) Learn 1,000 Kanji and Kana the Fun and Easy Way (Online Audio Download Included

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About this ebook

This highly-visual book introduces an effective new method to learn over 1,000 Japanese kanji characters using visual stimuli and pictographs.

Learning the fundamental kanji characters used to write Japanese can be challenging, but this book is designed to speed up learning by presenting the 1,000 most common characters using a mnemonic approach. In a fun and accessible way to learn Japanese, each kanji is associated with memorable visual and verbal clues. For example, the Japanese character for person is superimposed over a sketch of a smiling man. The visual clue is "a person standing on two legs." By seeing the distinctive shape of the kanji, learners create a mental image of its meaning.

Each character is presented as part of a group of characters which share similar traits. These groups use common root symbols known as radicals; they are also categorized by themes such as colors, numbers, animals, or body parts. Pronunciations, meanings and common vocabulary compounds are provided for each character in the group. Mnemonic clues are also given for the basic 92 hiragana and katakana phonetic symbols. The free audio download available online helps you learn pronunciation for all of the characters and vocabulary in this book. The introduction explains the basic history and structure of the kanji.

Key feature of this Japanese kanji book include:
  • Hiragana and katakana phonetic symbols
  • Easy-to-remember drawings and stories for ALL characters
  • Thousands of vocabulary words
  • Online audio for pronunciation practice

All audio content is accessible on tuttlepublishing.com/downloadable-content.
Release dateApr 28, 2015
Japanese Kanji Made Easy: (JLPT Levels N5 - N2) Learn 1,000 Kanji and Kana the Fun and Easy Way (Online Audio Download Included

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    Book preview

    Japanese Kanji Made Easy - Michael L. Kluemper



    kazo(eru), kazu, sū

    Grains of rice (米) were COUNTED by a woman (女) at a folding table.

    iro, shiki

    A snake has patterns of COLOR and a barbed tongue.

    Numbers 数

    hito(tsu), ichi

    ONE stroke for ONE.

    futa(tsu), ni

    TWO strokes for TWO.

    mi(tsu), san

    THREE strokes for THREE.

    yo(tsu), yon, shi

    four [things]

    itsu(tsu), go

    FIVE is only a four-stroke kanji, but there are FIVE segments.

    mu(tsu), roku

    Two strokes away from eight (八), you have SIX.

    ya(tsu), hachi

    In EIGHT hundred years, the volcano that looks like an EIGHT will erupt.

    nana, nana(tsu), shichi

    SEVEN includes elements of the two sounds of its name,

    kokono(tsu), kyū

    The angle of the clearest right angle starts at NINE and ends at noon.

    tō, jū

    In Roman numerals, an X is the Roman numeral for TEN, but the kanji for TEN is rotated to look like a cross.


    A white (白) band of paper wraps around one HUNDRED one dollar bills.

    chi, sen

    This is the profile of a centurion who has guarded a place for one THOUSAND years.

    maru(i), en

    A change drawer has two divisions for CIRCLE-shaped YEN coins and a larger space for YEN notes.

    man, ban

    One (一) place where counting takes a turn and starts in a slightly different direction (方) in Japanese is at the number TEN THOUSAND.

    naka(ba), han

    Two identical HALVES are cut with precision by a samurai sword.

    ha(tsu), hotsu, hatsu

    As you begin your DEPARTURE from your tent in the morning, you may choose from one of two (二) paths for your journey.


    Under the roof, two people (人) out of ten (十) GRADUATE with honors.


    The SIMPLE addition of planting merely three bits of knowledge in a field (田) can reap benefits ten-fold (十).


    When ten (十) or more people multiply their power (力) through COOPERATION, they are stronger.


    A person with a PhD oversees ten (十) fields (田) and has a WIDE KNOWLEDGE that can be measured (寸).

    Colors 色

    kuro, koku

    Soil (土) from the bottom of a freshly plowed field (田) runs BLACK as ink.

    shiro, haku, byaku

    Striking a match on the sun might initially produce very hot WHITE light.

    mato, teki

    In a field of white (白), a man pulls a plow right through the soil on the MARK he was aiming for.

    mina, minna, kai

    Comparing (比) EVERYTHING that is white (白) as the sun, you will still find variation.

    kō, ō

    The EMPERORS and kings (王) in a foreign land wear white (白).

    aka, seki, shaku

    The roots of the soil (土) are RED in color.

    midori, ryoku

    Heavily sowed grass thickens in GREEN layers when watered (水) well.

    ao, sei

    A plant sprouts its second set of branches on a BLUE moon (月).

    ka(waru), hen

    The UNUSUAL root vegetables used in the stew cooking on the folding table under the lid smell a little STRANGE.

    ki, ō, kō

    The grill has tens (十) of people ready to eat the organic YELLOW squash and other veggies skewered sideways (横).

    daidai, tō

    If you climb (登) the mountain beside the tree (木) to see the ORANGE sunset, take plenty of beans (豆) for energy.

    murasaki, shi

    When mixing PURPLE grapes for grape juice with a dipper, stop (止) if you spill any on your clothes as the threads (糸) will stain.

    hai, kai

    In the shade of a cliff (厂) were found the ASHES of a fire (火).

    beni, kurenai, kō, ku

    Through a string (糸) of costly construction (工) projects, the company’s books fell into a deep CRIMSON shade of red.

    cha, sa

    TEA leaves, like cut grass, are dried after a person (人) pulls them from a plant, and keeps them in bunches of 10 (十).



    hito, jin, nin

    A PERSON stands on two legs.

    Person 人, イ


    A HERMIT often lives on mountains and can sometimes be a WIZARD.

    tsuka(eru), shi

    An retainer would SERVE his samurai and ATTEND to all his needs.


    The person on the left (左) will HELP the other climb upon an I-beam.

    samurai, ji

    A SAMURAI accompanies his master to a temple (寺).

    naka, chū

    A GO-BETWEEN gets in the middle (中) of things to help foster a new RELATIONSHIP.

    yū, u

    A person comes to HELP the person on the right (右) climb upon a box.

    su(mu), jū

    A man had to ask the landlord for permission to RESIDE in the building where he wanted to LIVE.

    tsu(ku), tsu(ke), ~zuke, fu

    A man measures (寸) a space to ATTACH new fixtures and to ADHERE pictures to the wall.

    yasu(mu), kyū

    A person can REST against a tree (木).

    sona(eru), tomo, kyō, ku

    A third person ACCOMPANIES his two friends at table.

    tsuku(ru), saku, sa

    This man will MAKE finishing touches on his new bookcase.

    no(basu), shin

    A person STRETCHES to read a tall sign post as an advertiser EXPANDS his business.

    tsuta(eru), den

    A person TRANSMITS two (二) lines of information to me.

    tsuka(u), shi

    A man USES a table saw to cut one piece of wood.

    ka(riru), sha

    Truly old (昔) things are only BORROWED by us over tens (十) and tens of days (日), or RENTED.

    i(reru), hai(ru), nyū

    A person (人) leans back as he ENTERS a room.

    uchi, nai

    A person (人) hangs INSIDE an enclosure.

    ima, kon, kin

    NOW, look at the person (人) in mid-air jumping a hurdle.

    a(u), kai, e

    I will MEET with another to rehearse one or two (二) lines.

    kasa, san

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