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Choi Oi! The Lighter Side of Vietnam: The Lighter Side of Vietnam

127 pages15 minutes


This humorous, comic guide to Vietnam War-era Vietnam is a hilarious explanation of the land, customs, and people the American "advisor" has found so fascinating, provoking, agreeable, disturbing, infuriating and lovable.

The American, and especially the American serviceman, can be counted on to find the lighter side of life anywhere in the worldeven in Vietnam. And that's just what caroonist Tony Zidek has captured in this 120 page laugh-along-with-the-Vietnamese comic guide. Vietnam, as the author explains, is the land of "gazebbies, dummy sticks, cyclos, and no sweat pills."

It is also a land where a very serious life-and-death struggle faces its residents every day. For this reason the author hopes that this book was intended i some small way will help the American soldier see past his daily hardships and uncertainties to the "lighter side of Vietnam."

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