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Master of None: Puzzle Master

383 pages5 hours


It’s one thing to declare yourself a Christian, but it’s quite another to live as one…

Martha’s words - ‘You are’ - feel like a curse to Cephas as the world attempts to define him. The Corps declares him a madman; Four calls him a murderer; and the Christian elders view him as little more than a useful tool in the pursuit of their own ends. Worse, each definition seems to come with a death sentence. Cephas knew that testifying to the truth of Christ would mark him for death with the Corps - but he never expected that Four would put him on trial for the acts he committed as The Cult Hunter!

Once again, Cephas must unravel the puzzles if he wants to stay alive, starting with the mystery of why Martha rescued him from the Corps when her standing orders are to kill him on sight. As the pieces come together, even Cephas is left to wonder if Four represents the Christian world he dreamed of joining - or something much darker.

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