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The Georgia Secession: Atende, #2

Length: 389 pages6 hours


The Georgia secession tell the story, the cunning and devious story involving the politics of the day at the highest level, that leads to the State of Georgia declaring secession from the United States.

Events follow on from "1809; The Year They Freed the Slaves" which saw President Thomas Jefferson free the slaves in 1809. (I know he was only president until 1808 but you will have to read the book to find out!)

Set against the turmoils caused by freeing the slaves, the plight of poor whites, British loyalists quiet since the Revolutionary War, Tecumseh, the short-lived Republic of West Florida, the 1812 War, the impending defeat of Napoleon in Europe and the New England Sates pushing for secession and you have a novel of what might have been.

The book has been designed without the need to read the original.

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