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The Lighter Side of Teaching

Length: 96 pages8 minutes


A sense of humor is essential for effective teaching!

As educators, we often take ourselves a bit too seriously, so veteran educator and illustrator Aaron Bacall offers a little perspective with these lighthearted cartoons that all teachers can relate to. Whether used as materials for staff development meetings or as an individual break in a busy day, this collection of whimsical glimpses at teaching will provide a moment to laugh and add a little levityand poignancyto your workday.

Taking aim at students, parents, administrators, and teachers alike, these cartoons are intended to amuse, inspire, and reveal the simple truths and quirky aspects of education that are all around us. They are ideal for:

Staff training days
Conference presentations
Classroom lectures
Community meetings
Internal communications

and they will continue reminding us that we can laugh at almost anything!

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