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Dirty Little Secrets of Your 401(K): What the “big Money Boys” Don’t Want You to Know

Length: 112 pages1 hour


FINALLY THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! ABOUT 401k PLANS IN AMERICA is revealed by Brooks Hamilton, an attorney who has worked in the Retirement Game since the beginning, and knows all of the “DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS” that the retirement industry doesn’t want you to know!

Now, in everyday language, Brooks shares these secrets with you so that You Can Be OK When You Retire

If you are in a 401k plan that you don’t understand; if you are among the 80% of workers who feel they won’t have enough money at retirement; if you want to escape the stealthy trap that 401k plans have become, with hidden, excessive fees and expenses; if you want to know where you are on the long road to retirement; and finally, if you want to learn the practical and effective steps you can take to get where you need to be, then . . . .

With no ties to fees from insurance companies or the mutual fund industry, Brooks has always been able to think and act independently, creating innovative “outside-the-box” solutions.

In his role as a fiduciary, Brooks has written dozens of in-depth papers and been interviewed for articles appearing in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Worth Magazine, Plan Sponsor, Kiplinger’s, Barron’s, and Reader’s Digest. He has also been featured in TV appearances discussing retirement industry issues on 60 Minutes The 401k Fallout, Emmy Award Winning PBS Frontline Can You Afford to Retire?, PBS Frontline The Retirement Gamble, CBS Evening News Guarding Your Money, CNBC Moneyline StreetSmarts, and has given speeches around the United States and in Europe.

Always with one goal - to help his fellow Americans retire in dignity.

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