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The Mystery of Spirits (Part One)

52 pages32 minutes


'The Mystery of Spirits' is the third book in the 'Herbie Fox Stories' crimi novel
series. Take a journey with a famous detective of Honolulu, Hawaii called Herbie Fox.
Situated in 1948, there was a murder with a strong spiritual background. Although
things may seem obvious at first, there is much more beneath the surface to be
revealed. Find out what was the true reason of an innocent death in the third
episode of the series.

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of life? What would you do if you were
asked to join a secret occultic group called the Brotherhood? Would you join it?
Living in the 1940s by the sunny sides of Hawaii, detective Herbie Fox appears
once again to investigate the murder. Part one of the story is waiting to be read.

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