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Same Room: Different Doors

Length: 180 pages2 hours


If you’re pretty normal(ish), you’ll probably find that at various times, both, of these self-images can be equally appealing:
(A) You, with a huge grin on your face, whilst thinking, “I really must stop being such a Baddy-baddy!
(B) You, with a huge grin on your face, and thinking, “I really must stop being such a Good-goody!”
Never the less, if you’re teetering (or tee-hee-ing) at the top of a slippery slope, you may find that once you’re tripped, pushed or have jumped; then no matter how much you bully, rob, abuse, etc. you somehow lack the freedom and power to stop.
Mind you as it happens, even though doing good can sometimes seem like a real drag, it can also be kind of handy, particularly if you feel yourself beginning to ... slide
The Crime Frontier’s, 31 page, guide is a targeted summery, aimed at changing one’s moral outlook from the inside. Inside, there are achievable advices; on such things as gaining (or reclaiming) Life-qualities, gaining freedom, power, and resistance. The main content has been adapted from “Promises to a Monster,” the central novel of the three crime/drama novels in the “Crime Frontier’s Trilogy.” However, this guide may be no less dramatic for that.

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