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The Search for Arthur Kingsley

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Arthur Kingsley, a celebrated Los Angeles Times syndicated journalist, loved by millions for his strange, evocative stories, faces bewildering nightmares and a fear of impending insanity. No one knows that his fantasies of creating new worlds, demolishing social inequality, and revealing the devastating treachery of malevolent people come from his own distorted and frightening view of life. Though married with three young children, he lives a solitary life tormented by his disturbing and alarming thoughts.

Despite his fear of closeness, the love of Linda Guerrero, a beautiful, sensitive Los Angeles Times journalist becomes a catalyst for uncovering memories of his childhood. Repeated dreams of death, blood, dismemberment and other horrors gradually lead him to insights about a grotesque childhood. Determined to discover the cause of these seemingly delusional episodes and ultimately to discover who he is, Kingsley begins a far-reaching quest to uncover his long forgotten past.

Tormented and haunted, he intensifies his search to discover the meaning of his bizarre and terrifying memories that takes him into a world of political intrigue. As his search expands to Seattle and Washington, DC the mystery deepens. Continuous dreams reveal a childhood of murder, abandonment, deception and isolation. He becomes a target for death as his discoveries expose a series of crimes that threaten the political life of a powerful senator whose son is running for President.

As he delves more and more deeply into his foreboding past, he becomes obsessed with the need of discovering his identity which leads to a willful and potentially suicidal act.

The Search for Arthur Kingsley , a mystery novel filled with suspense, awakening love, intrigue and danger, combines the use of psychological insights, dreams, intuition and the power of love to uncover a sixty-year succession of crimes that began with the birth of a child. The story culminates in a surprising and shocking conclusion.

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