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Harsh Justice

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Auschman is an unlovable character, callous, unscrupulous, self centred, easily annoyed, all the positive boxes empty, the negative brimming, it's tick,tick tick. He drops onto a way of getting money, no work involved, hardly surprising and no risk of jail, Nirvana. He has a girl friend, he's overbearing, she is timid, she does his bidding. The young lady is parked with an older man. .He owns.his house, this is a requirement. After a prescribed length of time the lady moves out, claims part of his house, this is possible because of the matrimonial property law act. The man becomes a casualty, a derelict in an economic wasteland.. The next target is lined up. This man has the outward appearances of money. Auschman rubs his hands. He's impatient. He buys a fancy car on tick, credit. It's his dream. His mum and dad are cut in on the scheme. More fantasies become reality. They upgrade their furniture, also on tick. Auschmann's education did not finish at the school room, learning exists beyond the class room. There's a serious omission from the equation. Download and find out what can happen.

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