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Conspiracy of Fire

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Geoffrey has struggled to be accepted as a writer but life has been cruel. His wife walked out with their two children and, at fifty-three, he’s no longer sure the game of life is worth the candle. The Amazonian Amy, his second cousin, is desperate to get a man in her bed and snares Geoffrey. She tells him he is not, as everyone seems to think, a waste of space and works to support him. With her encouragement he plods through a miserably wet day to an agent’s door clutching his manuscript - but things do not go as planned.
Sylvia Cummings is as ruthless as they come and urges her assistant to throw Geoffrey’s manuscript in the bin but Pauline still has to make her mark. She reads Geoffrey’s story, a wild but not impossible challenge to accepted history and it fires her imagination. Was the Great Fire of London really planned? It made sense. A fantastic tale of skulduggery, treachery and murder leading to unimaginable wealth. She sees it’s potential as a Netflix series but would Oliver Stone direct it? Next day she works non-stop to bring Geoffrey’s dream to life - but will he live long enough to enjoy his approaching fame and fortune?
Does he meet his end in the turbulent waters of the River Thames? A sad man beaten by the system. Or does he find love in the welcoming arms of an old flame, a gorgeous younger woman who believes in him?
There are two endings to this story. The reader gets to decide his fate.

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