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Near Death Experiences Astounding True Stories Lifestyle Transformations

Length: 211 pages3 hours


The Near Death Experience
Millions have experienced it. Many have kept the experience to themselves; others have waited years, or decades, to speak of what happened. Their voices come to you in this book as people who say they died briefly, had a glimpse of an afterlife and returned to tell us about it.
There are astonishing similarities to their stories.
They saw a bright, almost blinding light, beautiful landscapes, vivid colors, a sense of peace and tranquility and felt the presence of a great power.
But the one thing shared by all those who report NDE: Their lives were changed forever.
Kate, a high powered executive, knows her last battle has been lost, and she prepares to die. Surrendering to the inevitable, she closes her eyes to blackness ... and is suddenly enveloped in an incredible, blinding light, beauty and a feeling of peace and safety. She wishes to stay in this place forever. Instead, she wakes to discover her pain and her cancer-ravaged body healed, and her view of life changed forever.
Researchers say these aren't hallucinations. The stories in this book come from the clinical research of doctors Kenneth Ring and Bruce Greyson, founders of international organizations of NDE scientists..
Author Lionel Bascom is a professor and investigative reporter. His work has appeared in United Press International stories, the New York Times and Time Inc and numerous books. Professor Bascom overcame his initial skepticism of the subject in an earlier book, Full Circle, published by Simon and Schuster more than a decade ago. He and a colleague randomly interviewed some of the nearly 10 million Americans from all walks of life for this book. While each has a different story, their experiences contain striking similarities ... and all agree that to come back from the dead is to be truly touched by the light.
Some said they saw Heaven. Others said they saw and met God.
Near Death Experiencers book all say their experiences ignited even more profound changes in their lives once they learned to embrace a reality that was sometimes unimaginable. It allowed a soldier like Steve Price to be deployed in Vietnam without ever loading or shooting his weapon. He lost the fear of dying and was suddenly able to love strangers in deep and profound ways.
Kate Valentine experienced a miracle and survived certain death. Her NDE allowed her to reset an out-of-whack electrical body clock. She counseled people who came to her art gallery and found themselves surrounded by paintings of landscapes that came from Kate's experience of seeing heaven.
kathy Latrelle learned to connect with others; to love more, even at the risk of being abandoned, a long time issue that no longer rules her life.
Mellen-Thomas Benedict gave up negative thinking and gained peace and clarity of mind.
All believed in life after death, although none could ever prove it using conventional measures of evidence. This did not matter to them, a posture that would later be adopted by researchers Ken Ring, Bruce Greyson and all the other researchers who remained fascinated by their stories.
After years of debating skeptics, Ring knew the route to understanding things that few other researchers in this expanding field knew. If he had learned anything from the thousands of letters, telephone calls and interviews he had with the nearly departed, it was perhaps nothing more profound than the fact that these people all said they had learned to love more ... loving more? Is this the key to the kingdom, the secret to spinning lead into the Golden Rule?

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