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10 Minutes of Silence Daily : One Week Trial Series (Book #1): One Week Trial Series, #1

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Silence is truly golden. If you're living a life filled with noise, distraction and drowning out of one noise with another, you need silence. Without silence, you'll struggle to connect with just about anything worth connecting with.

This is the first book in my One Week Trial Series and it's the best place to start, IMHO. Starting with silence will help you to build the foundation for the other books in this series. You will be able to become centered, relax, relieve stress and connect. 

Silence is something we miss most in our world, even if we don't realize it. With my One Week Trial Series, I am not asking you to commit 21 days, 30 days or any more than just 7 days. Try it out, if it works, keep going....and I will show you how.


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Why Silence?
Finding your Silent Place
Does it have to be Meditation?
What to do with the Silence
Dealing with Thoughts During Silence
Evaluating After One Week Trial
Expanding Your Silence

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