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The dinner etiquette - Everyone can set the table

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“How does it work? From the outside to the inside? And how should I eat these prawns without half of it falling off?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re all in the same boat. Who would still remember how to behave yourself at the table?! Well, with this book you’ll have an overview about the do’s and don’ts at the table.

First, we’ll give you a glimpse into the preparation. For example, do you know how to plan a menu for ten people? Also, ‘The dinner etiquette: Everyone can set the table’ has all the information about how to set the table. Setting it and decorating it are both equally important.

The category ‘The art of eating’ gives us answers to all the questions we’ve had flying around in our heads. There is a way to eat spaghetti without having tomato sauce all over you and well tell you how!

We’ll also explain what the prayer is all about and how kids should behave, as well as problems that lefties could encounter. Nobody should say that eating is easy! It’s the exact opposite, but with this book you’ll have the perfect helper and are guaranteed to make a fabulous impression!

In this sense – Bon appetite! 

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