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Call Down the Hawk: A Latouche County Mystery

283 pages4 hours


Jane August, an artist who’s “a refugee from a wealthy family,” is visiting her estranged father and his fifth wife on the Columbia River Gorge. Doing a good turn for a wine maker from neighboring Hawk Farm, she is swept into a morass of family secrets and betrayals—in both the cozy farmhouse and the palatial estate. Call Down the Hawk centers on two victims, Frank August and Bill Hough (pronounced Hawk), both of whom enjoy conflict for its own sake. Hawk Farm, in the flood plain of the Columbia, is one focus of trouble, with the recent suicide of Hough and his daughter’s trial by fire as a soldier in Afghanistan. Another is the August mansion on the bluff above, when Jane August’s father vanishes amid charges of his bank’s fiscal malfeasance. Undersheriff Rob Neill is called to the scene when a bulldozer in the orchard uncovers Frank August’s corpse. Until Chief Madeline Thomas of the Klalos clears the murk of violence from the land, Rob won’t be able to uncover the truth.

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