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The Patron's Wife

Length: 163 pages2 hours


On a vast plateau above the wild and dangerous Amazon jungle, electrical engineer, Emilio Aguilar, enters a strange and other worldly reality that encompasses a shaman, Alma, the beautiful and unhappy wife who finds escape practicing native rituals to enter her spirit animal, the jaguar.
The patron of this vast coffee and cocoa plantation is the middle aged and forceful Hector Alvarez, a man of fierce beliefs and a rather pragmatic philosophy as to the order of things and what is his. The plateau with its thriving plantation is one of the last original Spanish land grants and has been in the Alvarez family for twelve generations. In order to keep the plantation, the patron, Hector Alvarez, must produce an heir.
Emilio gladly takes this remote engineering assignment hoping to get over a failed love affair and put his life back on track. For all of his good intentions, Emilio succumbs to a perplexing and unexpected affair. Emilio again finds himself in the arms of a married woman, something he promised himself would never happen again. With blessings from Hector and the eager participation from the love starved Alma, the affair commences with one small caveat withheld from both lovers. If Emilio and Alma are successful, Hector will kill Emilio, but most honorably, of course.
As the affair grows so does their love for one another. When Hector can no longer contain his jealousy, Emilio must save Alma. With the help of a shaman and his mind-bending ayahuesco ritual, Emilio travels between reality and the spirit world to rescue Alma from her overpowering spirit animal. After their return to the here and now they plan their escape from the plateau and an increasingly unstable Hector. The chase begins. If they can make their way through the quicksand and an anaconda infested cienaga they might just make it back to civilization.

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