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Bad Beau's Quick Quickies: Quicky 1: Nora (Beau's Magical Landlady)

Length: 18 pages12 minutes


Beau (Pronounced Bo like Beau Bridges) was a handsome devil. Very handsome. Probably too handsome. Which is probably why his landlady Nora took such a liking to him. That and the fact he was bad. So bad. Some might even call him Bad Beau. Well, it just so happens that’s exactly what the ladies at the group home he grew up in and all his teachers all throughout his school years used to call him. But he wasn’t bad. Not really. Just free. Extremely free. And when you’re extremely free you tend to rub people the wrong way. Especially the people who would rather you weren’t so free. Like the ladies at the group home you grew up in and the teachers all throughout your school years. And your bosses. Basically, anybody in a position of authority. It seems like the whole lot of them just can’t wait to tear off another little piece of your freedom. Until there’s nothing left of your freedom. Not Beau. Not Bad Beau. He clung to his freedom like a second amendment fanatic clings to his AK-47. And yet, here he was, about to do the exact opposite. Funny how that is. Bad Beau was about to give up a very big piece of his freedom, to none other than his brand-spanking new fiancée Margaret, who, more than likely, once they did the deed, and tied the knot, was going to want the rest of his precious freedom lock stock and barrel. And whatever was left, the pittance, well, that would go to his future mother-in-law Lillian. Well, not if Beau’s landlady Nora had anything to say or do about it. And luckily, for her sake, and for his sake, she did. Luckily, she knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Just the right mix of spells and potions. Of course she did. What self-respecting ex-witch wouldn’t?

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