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Alpha, Daddy, Billionaire, Teacher And Boss Stories: Romance Suspense, Thrillers and Mysteries Freebies

Length: 522 pages7 hours


This BoxSet Includes All the best books of renowned author Lexi Kinsley 

Alpha Billionaire

Emma's life was a mess. Her stepfather was a complete asshole. He abused her and her mother. He even tried to molest her. When her mom intervened, he killed her. Since that day, Emma developed a hatred for every man.
However, life had some other plans for her. Things changed when she met Philip Cruz, a billionaire and CEO of a multinational company. She tried her best to hate him but he was simply irresistible. 
A story of love, hatred, trust and cheat.

Alpha Boss

Drake had everything a man could desire in his life.

He was 22 years old, the only heir of a multi-billion dollar business. His parents loved him, he had a beautiful fiancée. Very soon, he was required to take over the business as the Chairman. Life seemed perfect.

However,his life shattered one fine day, when he discovered his fiancée sleeping with his best friend. He couldn’t believe that his best friend and his fiancée, who were among the most trusted persons in his life had betrayed him. He left everything and disappeared. 

He returned after 4 years. Nobody knew where he had been for these 4 years, except for his parents. When he returned, he was a mature man who was ready to take over the company as the Chairman. He had promised to himself that he would never ever fall in love again, neither would he trust anyone. 
When his fiancée gets to know that Drake is back, she along with her mother,plays all the dirty tactics to get Drake back in her life.
Also, Drake finds another girl who is totally desirable. Drake couldn’t help but fall for her against his own wishes.
A story of Love, Faith, Trust & Money.

Sugar Daddy’s Girl 

Hugo Davenport is a sex addict and rich lonely men.

One day he meets Katie Stewart, the young, new and very hot therapist. She seems to be the right one to help him. They talk about Hugo’s problems. She finds hot he wasn’t meeting her for his loneliness problems but because Katie looks exactly like ‘’Candy’’, Hugo’s favourite porn star. 

This was a game to Hugo. He didn’t need therapy. He wanted me. He was fifty years old but he wanted to be with me, even though I was half his age.

Is this all going to end in disaster, Katie being a Sugar Baby?
he was Hugo Davenport. The scandal would be enormous if people knew he had a Sugar Baby. 

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