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Length: 266 pages3 hours


Two girls are inextricably linked by destiny, not choice.
Stephanie is friendless, strange, a misfit.
Freya can't stop seeing angels.
But when one of those angels begins to stalk her, its shadow following her everywhere, Freya is forced to make decisions from which there is no turning back.

'What a book. I simply couldn't put it down ... at moments, it reaches the sublime. I loved it.' Jill Murphy, The Bookbag
'Outstanding prose is married to a suspenseful plot and a quiet humour.' Amanda Craig, The Times

'Stands out for its original subject and plot ...each book takes McNish into new territory, and this one is both assured and thought-provoking.'
Nikki Gamble, The Bookseller

'Tense, quirky and highly individual, this story has plenty going for it.' Nicholas Tucker, TES

'A deft construction — McNish vividly portrays two worlds in the light of each other, creating a thin space between them that makes for a moving and thought provoking tale.'

'A fascinating read.' Carousel

'This neat combination of teen angst and behavioural ethics is — complex and charged.'
The Daily Telegraph

'What a book. I simply couldn't put it down ... a highly charged look at personal spirituality... the writing is effortless and elegant and as it slips between character perspectives, Angel never loses an air of authenticity. And at moments, it reaches the sublime. I loved it.'
Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

'This unusual fantasy is made plausible by a very strong depiction of the underpinning pattern of teenage anxieties and everyday angst.'
Lesley Agnew, The Bookseller

'Haunting and thought provoking.' Cy Mag

'A fantastic read.' Jo Griffiths, Waterstones

'If you love stories about friendship, this one's a must!' Bliss

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